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We are committed in providing modern chemical free solutions of Disinfection, Hygiene, Water Treatment, Commercial Alkaline Ionized Water with innovative ecological technologies to the agricultural, commercial, and Industrial markets.

What is Anolyte?

Anolyte Water a mixed oxidant is produced by electrolyzing dilute brine(NACL) water in the cathode & anode chamber of an unique diaphramatic electrolytic cell. An electro-chemical activation is used to convert a 3 g/l (0.3%) to 7 g/l (0.7%) aqueous solution of sodium chloride into a solution known as “Anolyte.” Anolyte contains > 99.3% water, with the remaining solution being chloride salts and hypochoris Acid,and hypochrite ion.


What we offer

Oil & Gas Industries

Anolyte solutions have been used for stimulation and enhancement of oil and gas production and to improve performance of drilling fluids. Anolyte is a highly effective alternative to bactericides that are non-biodegradable or bio-accumulative. As a bactericide, Anolyte is selective, targeting bacteria responsible for microbial induced corrosion and slime while being safe to humans. 

Envirolyte anolyte solutions can be used to enhance production from wells which have been impacted by down-hole growth of bacteria, and other micro-organisms, by killing the bacteria and removing the restrictive biomass.

Rural Drinking Water Disinfection systems

Clean drinking water for rural population is normally provided from the water treatment plants, which get the raw water from dams or water pumped from rivers. Still many rural areas particularly remote villages in developing countries are still without water from these sources because of the remoteness of their locations or because it is not economical to provide these villages with the treated water since village population is too small or location is difficult to reach with traditional water supply/disinfection infrastructure…

However, there’s water everywhere near or in the villages itself either from the river sources or from the tube well. All what is needed is to treat this water and provide it to the villages concerned using a system that is reliable and economical. Envirolyte Industries International Ltd. in cooperation with its partners has experienced in rural water disinfection system that can meet the above requirements effectively and overcome limitations associated with traditional technologies.

Swimming Pools

The merits of chlorination as a means of destroying bacteria in water is beyond dispute and the process is firmly and universally established. In recent years, however, the appearance of resistant strains of bacteria, the discovery of legionella and other problems associated with chlorine compounds have promoted an interest in alternative water purification systems amongst which Envirolyte products are prominent.

Continuously injecting Envirolyte solutions within a swimming pool render the swimming water safe without the adverse effects of chlorine. Envirolyte solutions destroy all bacteria, viral organisms, fungi and algae at a neutral pH level. This is particularly relevant for older skin which is more easily damaged by exposure to chlorine treated water.


The Envirolyte Solutions with their potent bactericidal and extractive qualities offer a wide range of applications to the farming industry. At the same time Envirolyte solutions achieve a substantial decrease in toxic emissions and with low costs, allow large savings over more expensive conventional methods. These solutions are safe to handle and there is no need to store hazardous chemicals.

State-of-the-art Round Cell Technology


Electrolyzed water system layout diagram


We are committed in providing modern, chemical-free solutions in disinfection and water treatment to the Agricultural and Commercial industries using innovative, ecological ECA technology.